Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Most Common Symptoms when you Need to visit Urologist for Kidney Stones Problem

In the human body, the kidney plays an important role in removing out the toxic substance in the form of liquid. The kidney is a part of urinary system consists of ureter, urethra, urinary bladder and kidneys. Basically, a kidney stone is formed due to solid concretions or crystal aggregations in the kidney from suspended urinary materials which are also known as renal calculi in medical terminology. Once the stone passes into the ureter, the symptoms will start showing because it will prevent urine from getting out of a kidney.

normal kidney vs stone kidneykidney stone

The most common symptoms of kidney stone are:

Unable to Urinate or Increase in Urine: The kidney stone problem varies from person to person. Some person feels that they need to urinate but not able to and some feel that they are not able to control the urine especially at night.

Severe Pain on Either Side of Lower Back: This is one of the most common symptoms of the stone problems and these types of pain come in waves. Passing a stone can be worsened, but it depends on the size of the stone.

  1. Painful Urination,
  2. Hematuria(Blood in Urine) 
  3. Nausea  or High Fever 
  4. Vomiting 
  5. Loss of Appetite 
  6. Unusual Odor and color of urine 
  7. Dehydration 
  8. Syria and Dysuria are also common symptoms of kidney stone problems.

Generally, the kidney stones are of four types, Calcium Phosphate Stones, Calcium Oxalate Stones, Cystine Stones, and Uric Acid Stones. These stones are formed due to diet, dehydration, hereditary condition and other medical conditions.
Once, you came to know about which stone problem you have, you can get proper treatment from the best urologist doctors near your area. The treatment depends on the size of the stone, If the size is small, the doctors can advise you for any medical course which will help to get the stone out from your body. But if the size is large, the doctors can go for surgery.

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  1. I found your blog interesting and informative. The points you mentioned in your blog have cleared many doubts about stone formation. I never knew that dehydration can be a part of stone formation. I will keep in mind and will drink plenty of water to keep from stone problem. Thanks for the share and I will look forward to your next blog.

  2. I had a kidney problem earlier and the size was 12 mm. I came to know about it when I started getting sudden back pain which I could not able to tolerate at that time. So I decided to go for checkup and the doctor told me to go with surgery. It was a bad experience with kidney stones.
    I am sharing my experience here because if someone is getting any kind of stone pain, he/she should consult with urologist immediately.
    And one more thing I would like to say that your article is very informative. Thanks for the share.

    1. Priyanka you have done very well. The kidney stone can be worse if not treated on time and the size of your kidney stone was very high. Again, after treatment, you should still go for regular check up to make sure that everything is alright now.

  3. I have one question regarding your post above. In your article, you have mentioned about four types of kidney stone. Can you explain what will happen a person suffer from Calcium Phosphate Stones, or Calcium Oxalate Stones, or Cystine Stones or Uric Acid Stones. These are very important things that a person should know. I will be very helpful if you explain my points.


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